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The Books

Katerina Faterina
Katerina’s gained a little weight over
the summer. On the first day back to school,
Jake decides to point this fact out, and not
exactly in a nice way. How can she solve it?
Teaching kids about:
Stinky Stevie
Stevie smells like—well, you know, that
word that rhymes with “soup”—but maybe
he can’t help it. Sarah wishes her friend
Melissa would quit teasing Stevie.
How can Sarah help? Teaching kids about:
Peter Pummeler
Peter keeps hitting and punching Victor,
but never seems to get caught by the teacher.
And now he’s saying that we should treat
others how we want to be treated. How do
you deal with that? Teaching kids about:

Bully in a Box SOLVING IT TOGETHER i-Books that help kids talk through bullying situations

Interactive stories with whimsical illustrations
and fun sound effects
Situations and characters every kid can identify with
Create your own endings and come up with
your own bullying solutions
Developed by a team of educators, psychologists and parents
For ages 6–9
A portion of all sales will be donated to the
“I Choose” anti-bullying campaign
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Meet our fans

“Bully in a Box is a great way to open the discussion of bullying. The stories show all the many faces of bullying and help children identify feelings and resolutions surrounding those situations. An effective tool for both parents and educators.”

—Mom of 3 and early childhood educator

“I did not know how to approach the topic of bullying with my daughters. Bully in a Box provided me with the tools to help approach the conversation with my daughters so they would be prepared if/when they saw bullying or were bullied.”

—Father of 2, sales executive

“As a retired Superintendent of Schools I am all too well aware of the issues posed by bullying and harassment among and between students. The Bully in a Box program provides young children with ways to recognize inappropriate behavior and the tools to manage the behavior."

—Mother of 2, Grandmother of 2 with over 30 years in the NJ public school system

“Bully in a Box is SO user friendly!  The pictures and dialog are real life based and quickly draw in students attention.  The open ended questions and variety of target points (topics?) make for great large, small and individual settings. This program provides an easy and concise way for educators, support staff, community agencies, and families to begin dialog about everyday encounters of bullying and how it impacts the social development of all involved and most importantly real life tools to empower individuals to not only say NO TO BULLYING through empathy and problem solving!”

—Mom of 2, School Psychologist

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